Asphalt Apron Repair

Asphalt Apron Repair

You could choose to extend your Apron out as far from your garage as you would like, we recommend 2-4ft max, or a line that matches an existing sidewalk. Most importantly keeping the drainage of water in mind.

Apron process-
Step 1: find proper drainage & leveling point… 2′-4′ from garage floor

Step 2: Snap chalk line to ensure accurate/clean saw cut

Step 3: Using a 12inch saw blade we cut and remove the old asphalt and haul out for recycling

Step 4: Add new class 5 base and fill voids in block/compact using a plate compactor to stabilize the base

Step 5: Install new asphalt, level and compact

Step 6: Barricade the access for 2 days ensure proper set-up