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Asphalt Aces

Asphalt Aces is a complete asphalt maintenance company serving the Twin Cities with a reputation built on outstanding quality and unrivaled professionalism. Asphalt Aces has worked with residential and businesses of all sizes to provide the highest quality Asphalt Services and has a 5-Star rating on google reviews. We can handle all of your asphalt needs, big or small. Request your FREE estimate today!

Parking Lot Maintenance

First impressions are KEY in doing business. Don’t let your business drive customers away by a parking lot that hasn’t been maintained! Cracks in the lot turn into patches which in term leads to replacement. Forming a proper routine maintenance program, we drive customers to your business with a manicured lot that’s inviting to all.

From parking lot sweeping and removal of all vegetation growing along the curb line or in the cracks,

To crack sealing and preventative maintenance like patching we are here for you.

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Residential Asphalt Sealcoating

Just as you would mow your grass weekly, sealcoating is a routine maintenance service that should be performed on a bi-yearly time frame. If performed properly using a proven/tested product it can extend the life of your asphalt by 75%. Sealcoating provides your asphalt with necessary oils back into the top surface making a barrier to slow the deterioration from the sun, salt, and oil spills. With the constant Minnesota freeze/thaw cycle it is recommended to service your driveway every other year.

Asphalt Crack Sealing

Asphalt Cracks, the main culprit of asphalt deterioration, need to be handled as soon as they appear before going into the next freeze (before the winter).

Asphalt Apron Repair

The speed bump entering your garage bothering you? Well it’s not just a trip hazard, it’s a legitimate issue with the base of your driveway! There might be holes in the foundation that the base is going in, or just base that settled over time which is completely normal. We can easily fix that for you with a one day repair.

Asphalt Paving/Patching

You have been putting on this project for TOO LONG. Let us evaluate your property and offer some options. From cut-out patches to driveway expansions to full on parking lot replacement we handle it all. Working with a network of 5 star paving companies we can complete your paving project in the least time intrusive way to keep your household or business functioning on all cylinders.